“With software there are only two possibilites: either the users control the programme or the programme controls the users. If the programme controls the users, and the developer controls the programme, then the programme is an instrument of unjust power.” ― Richard Stallman

How to change ZTE 4G modem from route mode to bridge mode and get a public IPv4 address on your firewall

My mobile operator is Finnish DNA and device is shipped with labeled firmware for ZTE MF286 device. 1st step is to change language to English, because badly translated networking acronyms makes me want to stab someone in the face. Disconnect 4G because you won’t be able to change some of the settings in connected mode.…
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Ready for action!

“Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station.” ―Emperor Palpatine, to Luke Skywalker[src] We are ready for hosting. with redundant DNS services at 2 different physical locations: ns1.tunkkaamo.xyz ns2.tunkkaamo.xyz ns3.tunkkaamo.cloud However there still is some tweaking & testing to be done on IPv6 services.

I hate to break it to you but…

There is no cloud it’s just somone else’s computer. This server node hosted at Ficolo data center “The Rock”. The datacenter utilizes 100% green energy.  In addition to wind power, the data center also has its own 2600m2 solar power plant. The system is utilized specially in the summer months, when the cooling needs of the…
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Doing some initial configuration

Soon up and running with a fast Plesk based webhosting platform. I reserve a weekly maintenance window between Saturday 23:00 – Sunday 06:00 Finnish time. Sure you don’t mind to keep everything running smootly 🙂